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Out-Of-Battle Abilities by Mew ON Aug 30, 2017 20:45:26 GMT
Please read all the threads in here before starting your journey in Iwos. Thank you!
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Activity Check [September] by Mew ON Sept 15, 2017 17:48:47 GMT
Keep track of the current happenings in Iwos.
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Roleplay Central

Character Creation    // THREADS : 17    // POSTS: 29
Amagai, Kisuke by Kisuke Amagai ON Oct 24, 2017 16:53:54 GMT
You must create your character here and get it approved before starting RPs.
Sub-board: Accepted Characters
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Pokemart    // THREADS : 17    // POSTS: 43
Iwos Departmental Store by Mew ON Aug 30, 2017 20:42:33 GMT
Buy and sell items; breed your Pokemon; exchange berries; set up your own PokeShop.
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Plotters    // THREADS : 2    // POSTS: 2
Mod Request Thread by Mew ON Aug 15, 2017 15:05:13 GMT
Create a plotter thread for your character and plot away with your fellow RPers.
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Trackers    // THREADS : 17    // POSTS: 51
Serrano, Raul's Tracker by Mew ON Aug 16, 2017 16:48:55 GMT
Here, you can keep track of your travels. Once your character is approved, a mod will create a thread here that logs your threads and the corresponding gains/losses of both items and Pokemon.
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Evaluations    // THREADS : 7    // POSTS: 23
Tojidofukoto Chishiki's Evaluations by Mew ON Sept 18, 2017 22:13:57 GMT
Post here when you have completed a thread and a Mod will evaluate it.
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Character Archive    // THREADS : 7    // POSTS: 14
Chevalier, Eon by Mew ON Aug 19, 2017 15:09:35 GMT
Inactive or dead character profiles will be moved here. If you want your character to be unarchived, contact a moderator.
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North Iwos

Azmarin    // THREADS : 2    // POSTS: 4
The Azmarin Gym by Benjamin Everett Hunter ON Aug 11, 2017 15:39:28 GMT
At the base of the lower ice capped mountains, there is a small village like settlement. The people here are usually warm, making up for the harshly cold living conditions. Though this is a small city, its no booming metropolis like the others in Iwos. They host those trainers that are interested in trekking up Mount Gelido or those who want to... Read more!

Controlled by: Genos
Sub-board: Azmarin Gym
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Mount Gelido    // THREADS : 9    // POSTS: 118
[PES] The Liquid that froze by Chishiki ON Sept 18, 2017 21:37:07 GMT
The mountain is pristine and white, even the dark green of the pines is mostly coated in the crystalline snow. The peak has a blueish hue as the sky reflects of it. It rises high on the horizon, surrounded by lesser friends. The sheer rock strikes down from its snowy peak. Only the base is softened by the iridescence of a snow covered pine blanket. The ski.... Read more!

Controlled by: Genos
Sub-board: Ebur Expedition
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Ivory Fields    // THREADS : 2    // POSTS: 10
[PES] The Cold Frontier by Chishiki ON Jul 18, 2016 10:57:41 GMT
Further up north, temperatures drop enough to hinder the growth of large trees, creating a large clearing. The clearing has short shrubs which dot the land and only some sturdy species of grass can be found. The area primarily houses certain ice type Pokemon. Although the snow brushed grass make it hard for them to be spotted, it would be difficult for any trainer to... Read more!

Controlled by: Genos
Chishiki Avatar
Whispering Taiga    // THREADS : 3    // POSTS: 22
As one heads up north, the winds that blow grow colder, carrying baby crystals of ice with them, these crystals settle like amorphous powder on the top of the trees that are found in this area. The soft rustling of leaves in the wind, specially with the resistance of the light snow, sounds like whispers and so the name was coined. A few semi frozen brooks trickle their way in between... Read more!

Controlled by: Genos
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Misty Meadow    // THREADS : 2    // POSTS: 4
Jade Marsh by Mew ON Jun 29, 2016 22:20:44 GMT
The meadow is a riot of color, placed on a gentle slope and interspersed with beech and oak trees. Waves of yellow cascade down the grassy slope. Eventually it sits in a shallow basin that is surrounded by tall and sparse population of pine trees. The grass grows long and lush in the rich soil. It is the idyllic place for a picnic with the lush iridescent pasture... Read more!

Controlled by: Genos
Sub-board: Jade Marsh
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Aquarin City    // THREADS : 5    // POSTS: 14
[SO] Coffee Break by Robin Alfsson ON Sept 8, 2017 2:22:45 GMT
The cityscape is unapologetically urban. Trees are few in number, not even too many city planted blooms, just monoliths of concrete soaring out of the sidewalk in an exact grid pattern. At night it is beautiful in it's own way, so many glittering lights. By day you rely on the sky to let you know that it isn't a monochromatic world; just one in which the people were too busy for art... Read More!

Controlled by: Genos
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Nyhn River    // THREADS : 1    // POSTS: 2
Nyhn River by Mew ON Jun 29, 2016 22:14:56 GMT
The river is a sleeping cobra. It lies across the land in smooth seductive curves, beautiful in the morning light, cool and innocuous. Yet it hides a myriad of dangerous Pokemon, making its swifter undertow being the least of your concerns. The water is clear you can see the smoothness of the rocks underneath. On a hot day you can cup your hands a take... Read more!

Controlled by: Genos
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Prum Peaks    // THREADS : 5    // POSTS: 49
[PEP] A Skeptical Recruit by Raun Hunter ON Aug 13, 2017 17:25:29 GMT
The hills that surround the grove, grow into large rocky mountains. They lay in a great line like the spine of the land. It is as if long ago they were a great beast, only to lie down one day and never get up. The range is high to the west and lower to the east, curling at the end like a tail. It is the reason, that the... Read more!

Controlled by: Genos
Sub-board: Humming Tunnel
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Thundering Grove    // THREADS : 2    // POSTS: 6
Dragon Taming Pt. 2 [PES] [MOD] by Mew ON Aug 20, 2017 17:22:41 GMT
The sky here is usually a dark shade of charcoal. A set of short mountains and then a few tall ones in the distance, helps them gather over the grove. They hang very low over the land, their cottony grayness almost touchable if someone hikes onto the hills. The ground is moist with the repeated onslaught of heavy rains, which despite the cover of the thick trees, will... Read more!

Controlled by: Genos
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Srark Sea    // THREADS : 1    // POSTS: 2
Srark Sea by Mew ON Jun 29, 2016 22:07:49 GMT
The Ocean unpredictable. Occasionally it is still as a mill pond. It's gentle state is like a slumbering giant, powers untapped, muscles unflexed, dozing, dreaming, caressing the surrounding beaches like a mother to her newborn. On a good day, the water is clear enough for diving, snorkeling and a just a good swim. Trainers are warned however, that the ocean is tumultuous too. Once the wind... Read more!

Controlled by: Genos
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Capitol Island

Doveport Metropolis    // THREADS : 10    // POSTS: 23
Online [STARTER] by raul serrano ON Aug 17, 2017 0:18:57 GMT
The Capitol, is an island that sits on the Srark Sea. The island largely consists of Doveport Metropolis, which is a rather classist metropolitan city. While the rich flourish in the urban areas, the poorer of the lot are shoved into the suburban areas. Years of accumulated waste near the suburbs make it a rather convenient place for a certain type of Pokemon; but most don't venture there... In the middle of town is the very famous Greenbelt Gardens, where most young trainers are acquainted with the lovely couple that hands them their starter Pokemon.

Controlled by: None
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Waveless Enclave    // THREADS : 6    // POSTS: 6
[EVENT] The knight and his squire by Chishiki ON Sept 15, 2017 22:02:10 GMT
Chishiki Avatar

South Iwos

Crescent Bay    // THREADS : 4    // POSTS: 14
[PES] A knightly search by Chishiki ON Sept 19, 2017 12:16:38 GMT
The beach is gentle. Tips of shells peek from holes, made by little creatures, seeking shelter in the soft sand. Mini dunes of beige dust soon to be soaked by the sea, which is gradually creeping its way further onto shore in the day and then retreating again. The sun's rays peacefully float, resting on the warm waters, on foam laced waves. Timid clouds... Read more!

Controlled by: Vitalis
Chishiki Avatar
Shimmering Steppe    // THREADS : 1    // POSTS: 2
Shimmering Steppe by Mew ON Jun 29, 2016 22:02:27 GMT
The edge of the woodland, slopes down gently to bramble filled ditch, following that, the shimmering steppe comes into view. Rolling lands, a large expanse of thick spring grass, usually wet in the early morning dew. Hip-deep, undulating, thick and tangled like a horse's mane. Green, fresh and fragrant, with flowers dotting the landscape. A few overhanging... Read more!

Controlled by: Vitalis
Mew Avatar
Towering Wilds    // THREADS : 1    // POSTS: 2
Towering Wilds by Mew ON Jun 29, 2016 22:00:30 GMT
In the forest the sky vanishes almost completely, only a few fragments of blue remain- like scattered pieces of an impossible jigsaw puzzle. The air is rich with the fragrance of leaves and loam, damp too. Even so many hours after the rains have passed, the soil remains wet, slowly releasing its heady fog. Even in the daylight of noon, the powerful rays do nothing to breach the... Read more!

Controlled by: Vitalis
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Sherfield Town    // THREADS : 3    // POSTS: 4
The Sherfield Gym by Mew ON Aug 11, 2017 16:29:52 GMT
This town is entirely integrated with the wildlife. The conservationists build it to not disturb the balance of nature around them. The buildings are covered with moss, and are built either in the thicket of trees around them, or underneath them. Old fallen trees have been hollowed out to make interesting structures. Most are low rise, but they cover a lot of area... Read more!

Controlled by: Vitalis
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Ashen Wilds    // THREADS : 4    // POSTS: 31
Tuck walking [PES] by Tuck ON Sept 5, 2017 18:11:51 GMT
More than a century ago the volatile volcano eruption left this land in ashes, but it blessed the soil with fertility. Now Ashen wilds marks the starting point for the forests that stretch ahead. A lot of normal Pokemon have made their homes here, unafraid of the Volcano in the distance, but one can find a few other types here as well. The trees here are relatively newer, but fairly... Read more!

Controlled by: Vitalis
Sub-board: Narrow Woodland
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Clyrt Rise    // THREADS : 3    // POSTS: 6
At the end of the settlement, one can see the fuming Volcano that sits a few kilometers away. Only the foolhardy venture here. While a ghosts of a few old dojos can be noted, where occasionally fighting Pokemon gather, the area is dominated by fiercely fiery fire type Pokemon. Beware of venturing here, you may get scorched. As the player ascends higher, the heat from... Read more

Controlled by: Vitalis
Sub-board: Volcanic Subterrane
Toshiro Avatar
Ashborne Town    // THREADS : 3    // POSTS: 6
Born from the Ashes [PES] [Mod] by Mew ON Aug 19, 2017 20:12:24 GMT
This city is rather industrialized, with coal mines on the outskirts. Its home to a decent bit of factories and the land sold cheaply here because the dormant instilled fear into people's hearts. Only the very bold had ventured into this territory to unearth the coal sources and other of profit. Eventually, more people found the courage to settle here, till it was... Read more!

Controlled by: Vitalis
Sub-board: Ashborne Gym
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Wandering Savanna    // THREADS : 3    // POSTS: 21
[PEP-Event] Returning the Favor by Dianne Scott ON Sept 8, 2017 17:04:11 GMT
The density of trees increases a tad bit, the land turns a little more fertile and on it we see seemingly infinite rows of thin, pale grass, that grows tall and high. As you walk here, dry twigs and leaves will crackle under your feet and a constant soft rustling sound will probably keep you on guard, or give you some peace... Read more!

Controlled by: Vitalis
Dianne Scott Avatar
Broken Grove    // THREADS : 1    // POSTS: 2
Broken Grove by Mew ON Jun 29, 2016 21:43:33 GMT
It is a lame attempt at being a forest. Mostly arid cracked ground, not much sand, and some patches of slightly fertile land with sparse, dry pale yellow trees. A diverse bunch of Pokemon can be found loitering around here, some that venture into new territory from the desert lands and some that crawl out from the grasslands that follow... Read more!

Controlled by: Vitalis
Mew Avatar
Twisted Barrens    // THREADS : 2    // POSTS: 33
Dragon Taming [PES] [MOD] by Mew ON Aug 17, 2017 20:12:39 GMT
Surrounding the Windrip settlement is a large hot land expanse of dry land. The place attracts tourists, since its famous for its sand dunes, that aren't found anywhere else in Iwos. Most don't stay too long, the punishing, glaring sun is difficult for most people to bare. Visitors are advised to go stocked with a lot of water to stay hydrated. And cover up...Read more!

Controlled by: Vitalis
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Windrip Settlement    // THREADS : 2    // POSTS: 4
The Windrip Gym by Pumice Hornik ON Aug 11, 2017 15:46:56 GMT
A sparsely populated well designed settlement. All buildings are air conditioned, office buildings are all high-rise. The place grew famous because of its oil-milling factories, and the unfortunate accident that happened in one of them, decades ago. A lot of wealth decorated the memorial dedicated to the people who lost their lives, which attracts quite a few ghost Pokemon. Now the place attracts various business people from all over, so apart from being a very well endowed settlement, its also famous for its business schools. Decent diversity in Pokemon available, with a Ghost predominance.

Controlled by: Vitalis
Sub-board: Windrip Gym
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Coding is ART! by Robin Alfsson ON Jul 8, 2016 5:45:21 GMT
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